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Events & Exhibits

Our events vary widely in their type and length. Some run for one day while others might run for months. Make sure you see the photos from each of our events and you will get to see many items from our collections.

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Past Events

May 01, 2011 - Oct 01, 2011 - WWII - Pacific Theater: All branches of service of World War II in the Pacific Theater exhibit. Where:

May 24, 2010 - Oct 20, 2010 - Vietnam War Display Event: "Vietnam! .. Fighting Charlie" a display of uniforms, gear and history of all branches of the US military during the Vietnam War. Where: Ellis County Museum, Waxahatchie, Texas [Event Pictures]

Apr 18, 2009 - Sep 10, 2009 - Korean War Display: In partnership with the Ellis County Museum, we will be having a 90 day display covering the Korean War. There will be a uniform of every Infantry and Marine unit that was on the penninsula and much more. Originally scheduled to run through July 19, the exhibit continued until after Labor Day. Where: Ellis County Museum, Waxahatchie, Texas. [Event Pictures]

Apr 10, 2009  - Medal Of Honor - Dinner Event: Medal of Honor City Event, Dinner and Program. Where: Gainesville, TX

May 30, 2008 - Jun 01, 2008 - Fort Worth Militaria Show: Where: Fort Worth Texas [Event Pictures]

Apr 05, 2008  - Medal of Honor City Dinner Event: Where: Gainesville, Texas [Event Pictures]

Mar 15, 2008 - Apr 15, 2008 - World War I: Echos of The Great War: Where: Waxahatchie, Texas [Event Pictures]

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